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Graceway is a Christian Social Action charity working with key partnerships across churches, charities and other community stakeholders, in order to strategically deliver the best frontline services to support people within their communities.

United Action

Graceway offers a unique approach to meeting social needs through united Christian social action. 

Our vision is ‘To demonstrate God’s love through action, by meeting needs, improving wellbeing and caring about others, just as Jesus shows His care for us’.

Christians are called to love one another, love their neighbours and love our enemies.


We are a team of professionals committed to building social action capacity to engage, equip and empower local Christians to serve their communities. 

God’s love for us and our neighbours and seeing suffering people around us, is what motivates us to bring all the resources and capabilities we can muster to meet local social needs and Government requests for help.


Working with recognised best practices, research and the overflowing goodwill of caring people, we work to transform lives through excellent, scalable services. We collaborate with agencies, beneficiaries, businesses, churches, charities, community groups, and councils to develop sustainable solutions, e.g., mental health & well-being, food, children, young people & families, employability. Our local service provision is based on biblical, caring and ethical values.

Hope Haven Hub Project

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Graceway Charity

We are raising £10k for our pilot project Hope Haven Hub (H3) in the Medway Towns. 

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